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E-commerce is undeniably valuable, with significant growth potential expected to reach 22% of global retail sales by 2023. While paid ads play a role, they often lack long-term sustainability. Organic search, contributing to 51% of website traffic, proves to be a more reliable source compared to the 10% from paid ads. Monthly ad costs can accumulate, leading to a decline in traffic if ad-spend budgets decrease.

To secure lasting success, investing in a personalized e-commerce SEO strategy is crucial. This strategy enhances your website’s visibility, broadens your audience, and targets ready-to-buy customers. By strategically positioning your product in front of users actively searching for it, you can capture a substantial market share through high search engine rankings.

Boost your online sales with a well-crafted e-commerce SEO plan. Collaborate with Startup Digital today to implement an expert strategy tailored for increased search engine optimization.

SEO for Ecommerce Websites That Generates Results

Don’t just take our word for it! Our proven SEO techniques have resulted in over £1.7 million in sales for an online e-bike store. In another e-commerce SEO case study, our strategy led to a remarkable 278% surge in targeted traffic for an online pet store.

Eager to achieve similar results for your online store? Join forces with Startup Digital today, and watch your e-commerce website soar in online visibility with a significant boost in organic search results. Benefit from expertly crafted SEO campaigns and a tailored strategy designed by the seasoned professionals at Startup Digital.

Our Comprehensive Checklist for E-commerce SEO

Thorough SEO Audit

We conduct a detailed website audit, examining both content and backlink profiles.

Technical SEO Review

We analyze your E-commerce website for SEO issues such as duplicate titles, missing ALT tags, 404 errors, and other technical on-page SEO aspects.

Website Speed Optimization

Ensuring a top-notch user experience, we optimize your website for high core web vital scores in Google Search Console.

Tailored E-commerce SEO Strategy

Utilizing advanced keyword research tools and industry expertise, we compile a list of highly-searched keywords based on search volume.

Product Page Optimization

Recognizing that individual product keywords may have lower search numbers but higher conversion rates, we enhance visibility for those specific product searches.

Content Strategy Enhancement

We provide recommendations to enhance the value and SEO optimization of the content on your website.

Internal Link Building

By creating high-quality content that attracts natural backlinks, we execute a successful link-building campaign.

Category Page Optimization

Acknowledging the significance of category pages in driving organic traffic, we optimize them specifically for SEO purposes.

Monthly Progress Reports

Every month, we furnish you with a detailed progress report for all targeted keywords, along with actionable insights and next steps.

Tailored SEO Packages for Every Budget

We treat our clients like family, offering beautifully designed SEO packages that cater to unique goals and budget constraints.

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Collaborate with the unrivaled leaders in search engine optimization: the e-commerce SEO specialists at Startup Digital. Our dedicated SEO experts are committed to delivering tangible results for clients by focusing on driving organic traffic and making informed decisions based on data, ensuring exceptional return on investment (ROI).

Through our proven technical e-commerce SEO strategy, we execute thorough keyword and competitor research to pinpoint market opportunities ripe for your business. We then position your website for success, addressing optimization, content creation, and performance issues. Our commitment extends beyond the initial phase as we work with you over the long term, assisting your business in crafting a technical SEO e-commerce strategy that significantly impacts your bottom line, leading to increased online sales.

The distinctive approach of our e-commerce SEO services has earned us recognition. As an award-winning SEO services agency, we boast an impressive customer retention rate of 91% and consistently deliver an average ROI of 15x to our valued clients. Partner with Startup Digital for a transformative journey in enhancing your online presence and driving business success.

Ecommerce FAQs

E-commerce SEO, like other SEO practices, aims to enhance website visibility. Partnering with a specialized company, such as Startup Digital, is crucial for the unique challenges of e-commerce.

Handling numerous product pages, Startup Digital excels in seamlessly integrating keywords and backlinks. Organizing extensive product data, complex navigation, and technical features like product feeds are managed with expertise.

Startup Digital, with extensive case studies, understands and navigates the intricacies of e-commerce SEO, including ‘rich snippets’ for enhanced search results.

Investing in technical SEO for your online store is a smart move to enhance website visibility and search engine ranking, leading to increased traffic and sales.

To begin with, technical SEO ensures that your website is easily discoverable and indexable by search engines. This involves optimizing category pages and implementing web development best practices, actions that significantly contribute to improved visibility and ranking through organic traffic. At Startup Digital, we specialize in these strategies.

Applying SEO best practices to your e-commerce platform also contributes to faster website loading times, enhancing user experience and aiding search engines in better understanding the relevance of your pages. Speed optimization is a fundamental aspect of our SEO services at Startup Digital.

Given the substantial mobile traffic, a key aspect of technical SEO focuses on making your online store easily navigable and readable on mobile devices. This ensures accessibility for potential customers, resulting in increased traffic and visibility among mobile users.

Uniquely, we provide a guarantee and a set timeframe for results, showcasing our confidence in our strategy. If your ranking positions don’t show improvement within 90 days, we promise a full refund.

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