Best Launchers for Android in 2023

The top Android launchers provide an opportunity to take full advantage of one of Android’s most compelling features: customization. While your default launcher offers some functionality, it often comes with limitations. Fortunately, there’s an extensive array of alternative options available, enabling you to customize and tailor your Android phone to your heart’s content.

Launchers can transform the appearance of your phone or introduce new features you might not have even known were possible. Whether you prefer a sleek and minimalist aesthetic, a vibrant burst of colors, or simply want to give your device a fresh and updated feel, there are numerous launchers to cater to your preferences. It’s all about discovering the perfect one for your needs.

We’ve conducted thorough testing of various launchers to identify the most worthwhile options, and the following are the finest Android launchers we’ve uncovered on the Google Play store.

The best Android launchers

1. Nova Launcher

When discussing top Android launchers, Nova Launcher is a must-mention. It combines speed, sleek design, and extensive customization options seamlessly. Nova Launcher strikes a perfect balance, allowing you to tailor your home screen without compromising performance.

There’s a plethora of choices at your disposal, ranging from color themes and icon packs to scrollable docks, app drawer tweaks, folder configurations, and limitless scrolling. The Nova team consistently introduces new features like Sesame Shortcuts, animations, and enhancements, demonstrating their commitment to innovation.

For users seeking the most powerful features, Nova Launcher Prime, priced at $4.99, offers even more capabilities beyond the free version.

2. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher has consistently held its position as one of the top Android launchers, known for its user-friendly “flower” favorites grid and well-structured app folders. In its latest version, Smart Launcher 5, it brings forth a multitude of improvements and fresh features.

While the familiar flower grid option remains available, Smart Launcher 5 now offers thoughtfully designed layouts that aim to ensure easy access to your favorite apps with just one hand. The introduction of intelligent search and a customizable app drawer that is logically organized simplifies the process of locating apps, whether they reside on your device or in the broader digital sphere. Additionally, the package encompasses adaptive icons and color schemes, widgets that can be resized to your liking, and a wide range of customization options, breathing new life into this timeless launcher.

To unlock access to numerous supplementary features, such as pop-up widgets and expanded gesture controls, it is necessary to invest $7 in the Pro version of Smart Launcher.

3. Hyperion launcher

Hyperion Launcher, created by the developers behind the well-known Substratum theming engine, offers an Android launcher experience reminiscent of Google’s Pixel. It stands out for its extensive customization options, allowing users to fine-tune a wide range of settings.

In addition to the usual wallpapers and widgets, users can adjust various aspects such as themes, folder configurations, transparency levels, animations, icon packs, and adaptive icons. While many of Hyperion’s features are available for free, certain advanced functionalities, including launcher-wide font changes and custom gestures, require an in-app purchase to unlock in the Pro version.

4. AIO Launcher

While some launchers focus on providing visually pleasing customizations to reduce clutter, AIO Launcher takes a different approach by maximizing the amount of information displayed on your screen in a rather minimalist manner.

This app showcases your frequently used applications, system status updates, recent calls, messages, emails, upcoming calendar events, and more. Although AIO Launcher is available for free, additional features like widget support, customizable app icons, and Android notifications on the home screen stream can be unlocked through in-app purchases. While it may not boast the most user-friendly interface among the best Android launchers, it remains an intriguing choice if you appreciate information density.

5. POCO Launcher

While Xiaomi’s phones, such as the latest Xiaomi Mi 11, may not be readily accessible in the United States, you can still experience the Poco Launcher by downloading it from the Google Play Store. The Poco Launcher diverges from Xiaomi’s typical design approach by providing users with an app drawer equipped with intelligent category tabs that automatically organize apps into groups like Communication and Photography.

This launcher offers customization options for screen layout, transition effects, support for icon packs, and notification badges. While it may not offer the same depth of customization as some competing launchers, it boasts an appealing appearance and leans towards a more streamlined user experience. Recent updates have introduced features like dark mode support and the ability to lock your phone by tapping the screen.

Xiaomi states that Poco Launcher is compatible with Android 10.

How we decided to pick the best Android launchers?

We conducted hands-on testing with each launcher featured in this list, and it’s from this evaluation that we formed the rankings outlined above. It’s important to note that selecting a launcher is a highly personal choice, but we place a premium on those that provide a wealth of functionality, even if their feature set appears relatively modest.

Ultimately, we encourage you to experiment with various launchers to discover which one suits your preferences best. Some individuals might find the extensive features of certain options overwhelming, and in such cases, they might want to explore lighter alternatives.

Our rankings have also been influenced by our extensive usage of some of these launchers over the years. We hope that this hands-on experience can assist you in making an informed choice when selecting the right launcher for your Android device.

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